Bag storage is a short term solution

Growers who put canola in 10,000-bushel plastic tubes this fall to improve harvest efficiency and provide surge storage capacity will want to consider moving that canola first. Early results from the first year of a University of Manitoba research study showed that canola at less than 10% moisture can be stored in bags for 10 months without damage, while canola at 14% moisture spoiled badly in that time. Until we have more results under a wider range of conditions, we encourage caution to make sure bagged canola is safe. Here is a PDF of the study summary to date:Bag storage research summary

One problem with bags is that are not always easily accessible if regular monitoring reveals spoilage in the winter or spring. If, for example, the bag is on high ground but surrounded by soft ground and pools of spring runoff, this could prevent timely removal. Also bags in remote locations could be more susceptible to animal damage, which can let water into the bag and promote spoilage.

Bags are loaded this fall for the second year of University of Manitoba's canola bag storage study.