GM Canola: The Canadian Experience

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada research scientist Hugh Beckie et al published an article called “GM Canola: The Canadian Experience” in Australia’s Farm Policy Journal, published by the Australian Farm Institute. The authors examined the agronomic, economic and environmental impacts of genetically modified (GM) herbicide resistant (HR) canola after 15 years of cultivation in Canada.

Key findings:

  • Rapid adoption of GM canola is due to improved weed control, greater yields, higher economic returns
  • GM canola reduced the environmental impact of herbicides compared to non-HR canola
  • No change in volunteer canola problems, with the exception of no-till systems where glyphosate was used alone
  • GM canola has not reduced weed species biodiversity
  • HR canolas provided new in-crop modes of action assisting in the delay of weed resistance

Here is the whole article: