Crop and weather update

Peace (Alberta and B.C.): Growers in the north are swathing, but for the rest of the region, widespread swathing will not start until the coming weekend.

Alberta: Southern Alberta is around 50% swathed. While the southwest is further behind, a lot of acres will go down over the next few days. Swathing has begun in some east central regions, but central Alberta growers in general are still waiting for seed color change to advance before they start swathing. Light frost was reported in parts of east central Alberta but canola injury is not expected. First fall frost date, historically. Alberta crop report.

Saskatchewan: Canola combining is widespread across the south. Harvest progress is further behind as you go north, with growers in some northern areas just starting to swath. An area south of Lloydminster got a touch of frost but no serious canola damage was reported. First fall frost, historically. Saskatchewan crop report.

Manitoba: Canola in general is 60-70% swathed after another hot dry week. Most of the remaining crop will be cut in the next 7-10 days. About 15-20% of canola is harvested with a wide range of yields. First fall frost, historically. Manitoba crop report.