Crop and weather update

Peace: The whole region got rain the past week, including up to 6” in places that didn’t need it. Some fields are underwater from corner to corner. On a positive note, the north region, which did need rain, got some. LaCrete area got 1.5” to 3”. Most canola fields in that area are at 30-40% bloom, or less, so this rain will improve yield potential.

Alberta: The south received welcome but spotty rains the past couple days. Areas close to Calgary got a couple inches. Areas around Medicine Hat got next to nothing. Central Alberta received up to 4” in some areas and less than 1” in others. East central pockets could use a rain. Most canola crops range from early bolt to full flower in the south, and early to mid flowering in central regions. This is up to 10 days late, even though growing degree days are near where they were last year. Click here to find current and historic growing degree day maps. Alberta crop report.

Saskatchewan: Southwest could use a rain after a few dry days above 30 C last week. Southeast growers estimate that 20% of seeded crop has been lost to flooding. Crops in the north are looking better, although the northeast is hit and miss. Some areas have crops with yield potential above 50 bushels per acre. Other areas have yield potential of 5 bu/.ac. or less. Saskatchewan crop report.

Manitoba: Rain for the week was zero to 2”. Growers in the east who floated on seed and top dressed fertilizer still need a good rain to move fertilizer into the root zone. Staging ranges from cotyledon to flowering, with canola in the east further along than in the west. Manitoba crop report.