Crop and weather update:

Peace (B.C. and Alberta): High Prairie and north had an inch or more of rain in the past week and canola looks good. The rest of the Peace was hit and miss (mostly miss) for moisture. Canola can still recover in these regions if rains come soon, but many other crops have irreversible drought damage. Staging, on average, is 20% to 50% flower.

Alberta: Isolated thunderstorms dumped 2” to 4” of rain on some areas, but others got very little. Some crops have not had rain since June 9. Crops throughout south and central Alberta look good. Early seeded canola is at 50% bloom. Read the Alberta crop report.

Saskatchewan: Huge rain continues to be the story in eastern Saskatchewan. Yorkton and area got 7.5” in one shot. Pleasantdale got 5” over the weekend and another inch on Monday. Accumulation on some farms in the northeast region is up to 25” for the season. One farm reports 28”. Despite this, some pockets north of Saskatoon, in the far northeast and in the southeast have decent crops coming. Canola looks good in the west, in general. Read the Saskatchewan crop report.

Manitoba: Rainfall has been variable with thundershowers. Most areas got enough to keep humidity high and field conditions damp. The northwest and Interlake regions got the worst rains again, with lots of reports of spindly crop that is really struggling to fill in. Most fields are now in the bolting to full bloom stages.