Lygus watch starts in Peace

Early lygus bug pressure is reported in the Peace and in central Alberta near Penhold. CCC’s Peace region agronomy specialist Erin Brock has reports of 3-4 lygus bugs per bud cluster in some fields. There are no economic thresholds for lygus bug on canola at the bud stage. This early feeding is a concern but caution is advised as the canola staging is still early and recovery can be good if damage is minimal. Presence of lugus bugs is not enough to trigger a spray operation. Scout fields to observe the extent of the damage. At this point in time, populations are low and canola can compensate for the initial damage.

Click here to download the CCC’s Canola Scouting and Sweep Net Insect Identification Card for tips on scouting for lygus bugs and other canola pests.