Be export ready: Don’t seed these varieties

Canada has a reputation for producing safe, high quality canola — a reputation that is well deserved. Most importing countries will not accept canola shipments containing de-registered varieties, so don’t grow the following varieties: Hysyn 101RR, 295BX, Cartier BX, Zodiac BX, Renegade BX, Exceed, 2631 LL, Swallow, SW Legion LL, SW Flare LL, LBD 2393 LL, Innovator, Independence, HCN 14, Phoenix, and these Liberty Link numbered hybrids: 3850, 2153, 3640, 3880, 2163 and 2273.

Do not seed these varieties or any seed produced from these varieties. Do not deliver any seed produced from these varieties to any elevator or crushing facility in Canada. For treated seed, contact provincial authorities or municipal landfill for disposal.