Timing a Post-Seed, Pre-emergent Burnoff

Even weed growth and development has been slow this spring. However, in the coming days, if warmer temperatures prevail, weed growth and development are going to kick into high gear. So if planning a post-seed, pre-emergent burnoff be prepared to spray and don’t miss the window of opportunity. Weeds should be assessed post-seeding for mechanical damage and dust cover. Have equipment well maintained (sprayer calibrated, proper nozzles for desired water volume, etc.) and ready for use. Scout often and make herbicide selections in a timely manner. Canola germination and emergence will also be accelerated once the soil temperature warms and cotyledons may start appearing in a few days. Do not apply glyphosate (on non-Roundup Ready varieties) after ground crack (first sign of emergence) as significant crop damage can occur. Always read and follow product labels before application.

For more information on registered herbicide options for pre-seed or pre-emergent weed control in canola see the following links:




The following link provides more information on maximizing herbicide performance in cool conditions: