I want to tell you a story about Canadian Canola biotechnology. It’s a story in the making, and I need your help to shape the ending.

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See this tiny black seed? It contains something very special: the power to feed more and more people while making a smaller and smaller impact on the environment. It’s called Canadian canola, and it contains biotechnology – the science that helps crops meet the challenges of a growing world. Canola has been traded across international borders since the 1970s.

Wherever canola biotechnology goes, good things happen. On farms, it helps crops reduce their environmental impact. When it’s crushed into canola oil, it nourishes families with its healthy fats. It creates jobs and sparks innovation at every step of its journey, from the fertile prairie where it’s grown, to bustling ports where it’s traded and the vibrant markets where it’s sold.

Recently, people have started taking a closer look at where their food comes from. They're hearing the buzz around genetically modified crops, and they’re asking, “Is my food safe?” And, “Is it safe for the environment?”

These questions are important, and they deserve insightful answers. Biotech crops like Canadian canola are an important tool to help us feed all 9 billion people who will live on this planet in 2050. And to do it in a way that helps protect our environment and natural resources.

We need your help to make sure this story has a happy ending. You can connect your community to balanced information on biotechnology. It’s not just about Canadian canola – it’s about all of us.

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The Truth About Biotech Canola

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Growing Forward 2